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Playseas is a 100% subsidiary of the listed entity Centric Holding SA. Centric is active among others in the shipping, F&B, renewable energy and tourism industries.

PlaySeas© (via PlaySeas Ltd, PlaySeas Cruises Ltd and PlaySeas IKE) provides state of the art onboard entertainment services specializing in the specific business sector since 2006 and servicing currently more than forty (40) different vessels travelling all around the globe. PlaySeas advanced management systems, the provision of latest technology equipment and the carefully selected international personnel, ensure the highest standards of onboard entertainment amenities.

Our experience and the necessity to provide high-end and customized services to our partners ‘propelled’ PlaySeas to establish autonomous business units within the same organization. The first dedicated segment cooperates with very distinguished Ferry Shipping companies always maintaining mutual beneficial and long-lasting partnerships. The other business unit collaborates with global leading and prestigious Cruise Line Operators. PlaySeas’ dedicated management and technical teams offer top-tier and tailor-made services & products.

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PlaySeas Limited

Lara Buildings 1, Guzeppi Calleja Street,  IKLIN IKL1262, Malta

PlaySeas Cruises Limited (ex Hipo Limited)

Lara Buildings 1, Guzeppi Calleja Street,  IKLIN IKL1262, Malta

PlaySeas IKE

385, Irakliou Avenue, 14122, Neo Iraklio,
Athens, Greece
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